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2019  Nuit Blanche  5 October, Paris, 

2019  Writing in Light  Photo Lab/s summer, Paris, 10

2018  Grand Master Class for St. Petersburg Universtity of Cinema and Tv

2018 Photography            City Dreams

2017 Photography             La Terre  

2016 Photography             Urban Landscapes

2018 Experimentl video sound projection with Denis Royer - SOS Art expo

experimental video art installations - previous :

2012 Solo installation       Tu Verras    d"Aglaya muravlov - seeing the world in the mirrors of  your eyes 

Decembre 2012               Regard de Femmes  - mobile photography exbibition organized by Tribergam and Carine Burkel

Decembre  2012                    Angelo Pierlo - solo show 

6th of June, 2012 - newFactory paris presents Rio+20 UNRIC in Paris EXPO, 18h - 24h. 

18 - 21 Octobre, 2012 FIAC a Hangar - day long exposition at the Hangar de Marcel

31st May, 2012  - newFactory paris presents  RETROSPECTIVE of Aglaya Muravlov cinema work

films, experimental films, film scenarios, written texts: book, poetry. 



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March 2012 la Sorbonne MODA Programme conference on Art Spaces at the Hangar, Flateurville.

March 2012 

Arte César Awards After Party at the Hangar.

NF paris,  7billion Others and Flateurville host la Fete de 8 Mars a Hangar Fete Internationale des Femmes

- 8 Mars, 2012, 19h  live performance/happening newFactory paris- Womanhood, live painting by Laurent Godard, projections of films by 7 billion Others, doors at 19h. 

January - December every Thursday newFactory paris Live mix shows PARIS, France

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Feb 8, 2012 - Arte Party at Hangar, NEW CATALOGUE arrived 

Feb 4-5, 2012 - Paris Face Cachee - 205 people visited Flateurville, "le plus spectaculair du tous! (TF1)"

February 2nd, 8th - Arte visits friends

May September  Societe des Chatons Roux

October December Formula Korta

image Carine Burkel

newFactory paris - La Forge avg @2009