ansemble piter paris

2 cities, 2 languages, 2 instruments - piano/voice , 2  rivers 

- one water, one memory, one soul, one love

Paris, France 2010  -  Sept 20 - Oct 10

multi disciplinary art installation  to create a space within the spectator of one memory one soul one time one love

Picture 7


la forge avg (Paris) 

David Henry (Paris) Photography

Alexandr Slabkin (St. Petersburg)

Asia Miasnikova(St. Petersburg) 

Elena Barmenrkova(St. Petersburg)

Max Korostelev (St. Petersburg) 


                                      sound  (Paris) 

Tatcho music Jazz piano art

Tiffany Assouline@Fantasy in Soul Jazz Vocal

Lexi DeRock Voice

Brian Scott Bagley Jazz Voice Perfornance

Patrick Broadway Voice Performance

Valerie Martignac Opera Tango Argentine

La Forge avg and guests

newFactory paris - La Forge avg @2009